Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Life is Beautiful.. :)

I just realized as I began writing this that I once again forgot my camera to put the pictures on here. :) I did take some actually, but I forgot to bring them to work with me today. So they will have to wait again. Over the weekend, my brother got to come home for a 24 hr pass. I went home to visit with him and the rest of my family. We had a pretty good time and he seems to be doing very well. I haven't done much this week besides go to work, and then last night I went to Hooters and watched the All-Star game with the TKE boys.. It was alot of fun!
I made an appointment with a counselor this week too. I have really been needing to do that, but I was kind of embarrassed. This week I conquered that. So thats exciting for me. The appointment is next Monday. Hopefully it will help with all the anxiety. The anxiety has been going very well this week actually though. I even had a few beers last night at Hooters. :) Haha. This weekend I believe I will be visiting Indianoplis area. Fun, fun.
I hope I remember pictures next time!

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